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Opportunity is the currency of independence.
Every product purchased is another opportunity.
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Strong Community
Strong women

Survivors. Entrepreneurs. Single-mothers. Physical laborers. Artisans. These women were asked to be a lot of things to a lot of people. Now they are asking us for the opportunity to be professional crafts-women. With your support, we can make that happen.

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Carved Wood From
Chiseled Character

We wanted to bring you hand-crafted products which are (almost) as strong as the women who make them. Dozens of styles crafted. Three hand-selected for your enjoyment.

These bracelets may be Inexpensive for you, but they are helping change lives.

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Meet the artisans

9 women from Kisoro. New story added every week.


    It normally takes Josephine two weeks to earn $8 from her business. Every bracelet we sell puts $6 in the pocket of Josephine directly.


    Kallen wakes up at 6.30am, lights the fire, prepares food for her three children. We're excited that Kallen can start affording her kids favorite meal - rice and meat - more often.